Local History: Donald Judd as Art Critic, “The Chavín Civilization”, 1962

“This exhibition has been assembled from collections throughout the United States and is the first of Chavin anywhere. As is customary at the Museum of Primitive Art, it is excellently displayed.” – Donald Judd, Review (“The Chavín Civilization”), February 1962 The handwritten notes above are the last two sentences of Donald Judd’s May/June 1962 review […]

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Local History: Donald Judd’s Response for The Artist and Politics,1970

  In June 1970, in response to the tragedy at Kent State University where four students were shot and killed by National Guardsman, as well as the growing Civil Rights and Anti-Vietnam War movements, Artforum asked a number of artists to respond to the following question, “What is your position regarding the kinds of political […]

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Local History: 1946 Western Union Telegram

Judd Foundation is pleased to present Local History, featuring findings from the Judd Foundation Archives. In this series, the Foundation will share visual and textual documentation of Donald Judd’s life and work contained within the Archives as a tool to understand the diverse range of his thinking. Selected to open Local History is a 1946 telegram which marks Judd’s first encounter with West Texas, a region that would become central to […]

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