Ranch Office Open Hours

Ranch Office Open Hours
Saturday, April 21

Ranch Office
112 North Highland Avenue
Marfa, TX

Judd Foundation is pleased to announce Ranch Office Open Hours in conjunction with Community Day on Saturday, April 21 from 2:00–5:00pm. Free and open to the public.

The Ranch Office building was renovated by Donald Judd to house his wall reliefs and maps of his ranch properties outside of Marfa. The top of the façade features the AdeC brand that Judd created for Ayala de Chinati his three ranch properties—Casa Perez, Casa Morales, and Las Casas—just beyond the Chinati Mountains. The exterior also features the number 76 inscribed on the façade, the year Judd purchased his first ranch.

For more information please contact:
432-729-4406 ext. 1.