Metal Furniture

Judd Furniture in metal continues to be produced in Switzerland by Lehni, AG to the specifications in which it was first developed there by Donald Judd in 1984. The metal furniture, though primarily industrially fabricated, is crafted with considerable handwork in the unique bending of the edges of each piece, and is carefully made to Judd’s rigorous quality standards. Each piece is uniquely stamped and numbered for authenticity. All designs are available in 21 RAL colors, anodized aluminum, copper, and brass.

“In 1984, I began making works of art at Lehni AG in Dübendorf. Their business is mainly that of making metal furniture, itself practical and handsome, without affectation, which is present in almost all furniture, including that which is usually said to be ‘well-designed.’ The workmanship of the factory is very good, which is rare.” – Donald Judd, 1993

For additional information on Donald Judd Furniture,  please visit the Donald Judd Furniture website.