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“The installation and context for the art being done now is poor and unsuitable. The correction is a permanent installation of a good portion of the work of each of the best artists.”

Donald Judd wrote extensively on the importance of the installation of his work, outlining the intention of his spaces in New York and Texas: “After the work itself, my effort for some eighteen years, beginning in a loft on Nineteenth Street in New York, has been to permanently install as much work as possible, as well as to install some by other artists. The main reason for this is to be able to live with the work and think about it, and also to see the work placed as it should be. The installations provide a considered, unhurried measure by which to judge hurried installations of my own and others in unfamiliar and often unsuitable places. This effort seems obvious to me, but few artists do it, though there is a tendency to keep earlier work, and the idea of a permanent installation is nearly unknown to the public for visual art.”

The spaces of Judd Foundation in New York and Texas remain installed as intended by Judd. The Index of Works provides access to the works of art in his living and working spaces.

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