Donald Judd met Dan Flavin in 1962 at a gathering in a Brooklyn apartment organized to discuss the possibility of a cooperative artist-run gallery. They exhibited together a year later when their work was included in New Work: Part I at Richard Bellamy’s Green Gallery, New York (January 8–February 2, 1963). As their mutual friend, the artist John Wesley, has said of their friendship, “[the two] became Flavin and Judd for a while. The two names were together.”1

Flavin dedicated a number of works in two and three dimensions to Judd, sometimes referring to him as a “colorist”; the two artists shared a deep interest in the relationship between color and space in their work. This print is part of a series of seven produced by Gemini Graphic Editions Limited, a Los Angeles artists’ workshop and publisher founded in 1966. Each in the series is a different color monochrome. This example is aluminum flat blue ink on HMP Koller granite gray handmade paper.

1 Marianne Stockebrand, “A Conversation with John Wesley,” Chinati Foundation newsletter 10 (October 2005), 1.