Judd Foundation maintains and preserves Donald Judd’s permanently installed living and working spaces, libraries, and archives in New York and Marfa, Texas.


Judd Foundation is steward to more than 126,000 square feet dispersed throughout 16 discrete properties in New York and Texas, including Donald Judd’s studios, archives, and personal library.

Marfa Restoration Plan

Judd Foundation has initiated a long-term restoration plan for its buildings in Marfa, Texas. The plan will focus on the protection and restoration of spaces; completion of Judd’s buildings and architecture; expansion of conservation and research facilities; and public access to permanently installed spaces.


Judd Foundation promotes a wider understanding of Donald Judd’s artistic legacy by developing scholarly and educational programs.


Judd Foundation publications seek to contribute the understanding and accessibility of Donald Judd’s writing.

Press Room

Press releases, high-resolution images, and other media materials are available for members of the media with registration.