Ranch Office

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112 North Highland Avenue
Marfa, Texas

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Ten artworks installed in the Ranch Office

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In 1991, Judd purchased the Ranch Office, a former general store, in downtown Marfa. Judd renovated the ground floor to house his last wall reliefs and floor works, along with maps of his ranches south of Marfa. The top of the façade features the AdeC brand that Judd created with the Basque word, Ayala, which translates as a region where slope and meadow meet; Ayala de Chinati refers to his ranch properties just beyond the Chinati Mountains. The exterior also features the number 76 inscribed on the façade, the year Judd purchased his first ranch, Casa Morales.

The Ranch Office is a contributing building to the Central Marfa Historic District listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Audio excerpt of a panel discussion “The Texas Landscape, 1900–1986,” with Donald Judd, Larry Bell, Madeline O’Connor, Texas artists, and guest curator Susie Kalil at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, May 18, 1986. Courtesy Museum of Fine Art, Houston Archives.