The Block
In 1973, Judd purchased the first three-quarters of this complex of buildings located in downtown Marfa, the site of some of his first large architectural projects and installations.
Art Studio
In 1990, Judd purchased a former Safeway grocery store located in downtown Marfa and converted the 6,000-square foot building into a studio.
Cobb House
In 1989, Judd purchased the three buildings along Oak Street on five and a half lots of property in downtown Marfa. This 1,253-foot adobe-style structure dates to the 1920s and was named after the family who previously owned it.
Whyte Building
Purchased in 1989 the Whyte Building was renovated by Judd beginning in 1990 for the installation of his paintings from 1960 to 1962 along with examples of furniture by architect and designer Rudolph Schindler.
Architecture Studio
In November 1989, Judd purchased the former Marfa National Bank building located in downtown Marfa and renovated the building to create a space to work on architecture and design.
Architecture Office
In January 1990, Judd purchased the Glascock building located in downtown Marfa and renovated the street level of this two-story structure for use as an architecture office.
Print Building
In 1991, Judd purchased the Print Building, previously home to a bank, a post office, and the Crews Hotel, located on Highland Avenue in downtown Marfa.
Ranch Office
In 1991, Judd purchased the Ranch Office, a former general store in downtown Marfa.He renovated the ground floor to house maps of his ranch, Ayala de Chinati, and installed his wall reliefs and floor works.