Casa Morales


Ayala de Chinati
Presidio County, Texas


In 1976, Judd purchased Casa Morales located at the base of Chinati Peak, about 60 miles from Marfa in Presidio County. Formerly called Morales Ranch, and originally constructed in the 1920s, the 1,500-square foot two-bedroom rock house contains furniture designed by Judd as well as American craftsman furniture. Morales Ranch is where Judd and his family would retreat from Marfa every weekend.

Prior to 1976, Judd had leased land south of Marfa to utilize for camping. He began purchasing large tracts of undeveloped land in the Presidio County region close to the Mexican border, on the north side of the Chinati Mountains in the Chihuahuan Desert. This land included existing structures, which Judd transformed into unique spaces that reflect his approach to rural architecture and land conservation. Judd named the ranch “Ayala de Chinati,” which includes three houses: Casa Perez, Casa Morales, and Las Casas.