Judd Foundation maintains and preserves Donald Judd’s permanently installed living and working spaces, libraries, and archives in New York and Marfa, Texas. The Foundation relies on support to ensure Donald Judd’s legacy for future generations.

There are many ways to support Judd Foundation—whether you are an individual, foundation, or corporation—and should you choose to become a member, attend an event, or sponsor an exhibition, your gift will play an integral role in the Foundation’s work.


Support Judd Foundation today. Gifts ensure the ability to share Donald Judd’s artistic legacy with future generations. 


Judd Foundation Members receive special benefits which include exclusive booking opportunities to our spaces in New York and Texas, merchandise discounts, and invitations to exclusive events and programs.


Judd Foundation Patrons are a group of close friends and supporters who have a deep commitment to Donald Judd’s work and ideas. Patrons provide integral support for Judd Foundation, and enjoy unique opportunities to engage with Donald Judd’s legacy.

Corporate Support

Corporate donations provide support for all aspects of the mission of Judd Foundation, from mounting exhibitions to facilitating scholarship.

Marfa Restoration

The Marfa Restoration Plan focuses on the critical protection and restoration of Donald Judd’s spaces and the completion of his architectural plans.

Benefit Dinner

Judd Foundation’s Annual Benefit Dinner supports the restoration of Judd’s living and working spaces in Marfa with an initial focus on the Architecture Office.

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Judd Foundation is thankful to our generous supporters who donated between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023.

Government & Foundations

Bloomberg Philanthropies
Brizius Family Charitable Fund
City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs
Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
Nancy A. Nasher and David J. Haemisegger Collection
National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Preservation and Access
Susan Pamela Markham Heller Fund
Texas Commission on the Arts
The Brown Foundation, Inc.
The Ruttenberg Foundation


Crown Equipment Corporation
Fineline Sportswear, Inc.
Gagosian Gallery, Inc.
Galería Elvira González
Galerie Max Hetlzer – Hetzler Marfa
Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac
Lounge Here
Marfa Brands
Paula Cooper Gallery
Susan Sheehan Gallery
The Cultivist


Anonymous (2)
Nora and Bob Ackerley
Elizabeth Baker
Loren Pack and Robert C. Beyer
Bob Bronstein
Spencer Brownstone
Clare Casademont and Michael Metz
Barbara Castelli
Lori and Alexandre Chemla
Ron Cooper
Pilar Crespi and Stephen Robert
John Dayton
Dudley and Michael Del Balso
Beth DeWoody
Dennis Dickinson
Fairfax Dorn and Marc Glimcher
Susan and Thomas Dunn
Bruce Etkin
Kristina and Jeff Fort
Fredericka Foster
Nick Gavin
Bertha González Nieves and Mishele Wells
Villis Inde and Tom Jacobs
Teresa Karvelis-Senn
Lisa Kennedy
Catherine Lagrange
Tammy and Jay Levine
Carol LeWitt
Linda Lynch
Anne Dette and Fred Martens
Henry McNeil
Honor Fraser and Stavros Merjos
Diane Barnes and Jon Otis
Ashlyn and Dan Perry
Jody Rhone and Tom Pritchard
Alexander Rower
Danna and Ed Ruscha
Elizabeth and Dan Sallick
Nancy Sanders
Helen and Charles Schwab
Jennifer and Anton Segerstrom
Annabelle Selldorf
Elizabeth Serlenga
Neil Subin
Annabelle Tiemann
Elizabeth von Ziegasar
Catherine A. Walsh
Cynthia and Charles Wilcox
Roland Wolff and Wolfgang Füssinger


Anonymous (3)
David Allemann
Christopher Allen
Haruno Arai
Valerie and Robert Arber
Richard Armstrong
Ethan Avey
Greti Baez
Jeremy Barbour
Joan Boycoff and Reuben M. Baron
Elliot Berkowitz
Brian Blair
Jenna Brimmer
Jay Brown
Farnum Brown
Dennine Bullard
Elisa Callow
Patricia Carroll
Maziere Clarisse
Matthew Collins
Lisa and Jack Copeland
Dan Cox
Peter Davies
Robert Davis
Martha and Rupert Deese
Beatrice Del Favero
Robert Dibona
Pam Dixon
Elaina Dugger-Taylor
Michael Dunn
Hildegard Richardson and Michael Dyett
Natalie Elliot
Katherine Embiricos
Tracey Emin
Carol Flueckiger and Urs Peter
Alan Foreman
Michael Gentry
J R Glover
James Gregory
Scott Gustafson
Melissa Haims
Siim Hanja
Donna Harkavy and Jonathan Price
Susan H. Harrison
Lilia Harvey
Brooke Hodge
Elizabeth Hogg
Michael Honey
Jeffrey Hong
Tom Hughes
Jim and Kathleen Jacobs
Perla Delson and Maitland Jones
Diane Judd
Karen Kinney
Mitchell Klink
Sam Kojani
Flo and Jeff Laird
Sue Laviolette
Jeff Lewis
Tianshu Li
Maxime Louis-Seize
Susan and Glenn Lowry
Lydia Lyell
Lori Maas and Dallas Hayes
Gerda Maise and Daniel Göttin
Darlene and Darlene Marwitz
Cherry Fisher May
James McAndrews
Daniel McCarthy
Dylan McCullough
Joanna McGann
Preston McKenzie
Matthias Memminger
Andrea Luca Mina
John Stephen Mize
Rodrigo Moreno
Lindell Thorsen Nagel and Terrance Mowers
Juliet Nations
Donald Novak
David Papanikolas
Seppo Parkkinen
Wendy Perron
Mary Persic
Philip Poznansky
Brendan Pulver
Alix Rice
Susie Roberson
Marella Rodewald
Seth Rodewald-Bates
Soraya Rohde
Susan Davidoff and Carl Ryan
Hanna Sager Forsberg
Ellen Salpeter
Carson Salter
Juan Ramon Sanchez Torres
Linda and Robert Schmier
Bobby Sarnoff
Nicolas Shake
Parker Shipp
Natasha Sigmund
Charlotte Snow
Juliet Souter
Billy Spencer
Cas Stachelberg
Robert Stern
Stephen Stum
Laura Taft
Ingrid Schaffner and Chris Taylor
Chelsey Teske
Peggy Trowbridge
Cynthia and James Tuite
Max Underwood
Mark Unverzagt
Hester van Royen
Linn Veltema
Renee Viola
Peter Walker
Judy Whalley
Mac White
Marilyn Whitehead
John Wigmore
Millicent S. Wilher
Carson Wos
Fernand Zeimes

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