This work also has the same dimensions and material as Donald Judd’s 100 untitled works in mill aluminum, 1982–86, at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas, but the aluminum alloy is lighter in color. Of the 100 untitled works in mill aluminum, Judd said in an interview from 1993, “You’re looking for things, for different aspects of how you think. But you’re not really solving problems the way a scientist would solve problems. The pieces are obviously very spatial and very much about volume and the inside and the outside and how it’s divided. It would be very easy to make another hundred, all quite different.”1

The first piece made with these dimensions is untitled, 1967, installed in the same room as this work. In 1977, Judd made his first work in mill aluminum, a large, site-specific, outdoor work at Northern Kentucky University.

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