The found object in this relief is a truncated poplar cone; its dimensions directly determine the overall dimensions of the relief itself. The outside depth of the relief is six and a half inches, a depth chosen in order to accommodate the object, rather than the object being modified to fit the standard four-inch depth of the other reliefs installed at the Ranch Office [untitled, 1989; untitled, 1989; untitled, 1990; untitled, 1992; untitled, 1992; untitled, 1992; untitled, 1992].

The diameter of the surface of the inset cone is three and a half inches with a half-inch space around the circumference between the cone and the face of the relief. The depth of the interior space behind the face of the relief is five and a quarter inches.

There are three distinct colors in this relief, despite its being unpainted: the tan tones of the plywood, the near black of the shadow around the poplar cone, and the dark brown-green of the poplar material.

The half-inch space surrounding the circumference of the poplar cone creates a distinct shadow around the object, but also allows for a view of the interior space. The glass disc work, the open-hole relief, and the cast iron disc piece with a one-inch opening are all related in that they allow various degrees of access to the interior.