Donald Judd permanently installed this object in the bedroom on the fifth floor of 101 Spring Street around 1970. He considered this piece to be his first three-dimensional work for the wall. Earlier wall works involved incision into the surface either through the placement of found objects or routed lines or the inclusion of high-relief found objects that projected from the surface.­1

Judd also used an asphalt pipe in what was initially conceived of as a work for the wall untitled, 1962 but would become his first free-standing work in three dimensions.

In the 1990s, Judd used a similar form in an unpainted Douglas fir plywood with a bent plywood column in place of the asphalt pipe. Discussing the relationship between the earlier and later works in a 1994 PaceWildenstein catalogue, William C. Agee wrote, “This kind of continuity was emblematic of Judd’s capacity for finding renewal and regeneration within his own art at critical points.”2

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