Donald Judd’s Architecture Office Opening September 2025

Judd Foundation is pleased to announce plans for completing the restoration and rebuilding of Donald Judd’s Architecture Office in Marfa, Texas. One of eleven buildings associated with Judd in Marfa and recognized on the National Register of Historic Places, the Architecture Office will open to the public in September 2025.

The Architecture Office is one of six major projects in Judd Foundation’s long-term restoration plan for its buildings in Texas. Once restored, it will open as part of the Foundation’s public guided-visit program, providing access to the permanently installed working space that contains architectural models, building plans, design prototypes, and Judd’s furniture. A permanently installed living space on the building’s second floor, with paintings by John Chamberlain, furniture by Alvar Aalto, and furniture by Judd, will open to the public for the first time. The restoration will further provide new program spaces for the Foundation and accommodation for visiting researchers and staff.

Judd Foundation will celebrate the opening of the Architecture Office on Saturday, September 20, 2025. The daylong event will include an open house along with a community celebration. The opening will be accompanied by public programs and special extended hours. These programs will be announced at a later date.

Judd Foundation’s Marfa Restoration Plan is a multi-year initiative to ensure its buildings remain, as Donald Judd intended, vital spaces for the direct engagement of his work. In support of the Foundation’s mission, the plan focuses on the protection and restoration of spaces; completion of Judd’s building architecture; expansion of collections and archive facilities; and public access to permanently installed spaces. The plan also includes La Mansana de Chinati/The Block, completed 2023; the Print Building; the Archive Building; the Ranch Office; and Judd’s ranch houses.

Marfa Restoration Committee: Suzanne Deal Booth and Dudley Del Balso, co-chairs; Robert C. Beyer; Fairfax Dorn; and Michael Govan.

Press Release