SoHo Arts Network Downtown Culture Walk

Judd Foundation invites you to join us on Saturday, April 27 for the Downtown Culture Walk, a self-guided walking tour presented by the SoHo Arts Network (SAN), highlighting the non-profit art spaces in the SoHo and downtown neighborhoods.

The ground floor and second floor of 101 Spring Street will be open free to the public for self-guided viewing with artist guides on hand to answer questions from 12:00–5:00pm. The first floor will feature Lauretta Vinciarelli, an exhibition of works by the architect and artist.

Please note the upper floors of the building will remain closed.

About SAN

SAN celebrates the rich history of the unique creative community and collectively shares the distinct cultural contributions with neighborhood residents and visitors. Member organizations invite participants to discover the non-profit art spaces in the neighborhood. Walkthroughs, talks, open hours, and other programming will be offered on Saturday, April 27 for free or reduced admission. For more information on member organizations and a map of Downtown Culture Walk programming please visit the SAN website.


Downtown Culture Walk is supported by Art in America.