The Judd Foundation Archives contains rich visual and textual documentation of Judd’s life and work.

Catalogue Raisonné

The Donald Judd Catalogue Raisonné project is focused on the documentation of artworks – paintings, objects, and wood-blocks – by Donald Judd.


Judd Foundation preserves and maintains Donald Judd’s permanently installed collection in Marfa, Texas, and at 101 Spring Street, New York and supports institutions and collectors in caring for Judd works through research and the sharing of information.

Index of Works

The spaces of Judd Foundation in New York and Texas remain installed as intended by Judd. The Index of Works provides access to the works of art in his living and working spaces.

Local History

This series highlights the visual and textual documentation of Donald Judd’s life and work contained within the Judd Foundation Archives as a tool to understand the diverse range of his thinking.

Press + Rights

Press releases, high-resolution images, and other media materials are available for members of the media with registration.