Judd Foundation Archives remain the primary source for research related to Donald Judd.The Archives are located in Marfa, Texas and are open to scholars and curators by appointment.

Catalogue Raisonné

Judd Foundation’s Donald Judd Catalogue Raisonné project is focused on the documentation of paintings, objects, and wood-blocks by Donald Judd.


Judd Foundation engages in the preservation and long-term care of works and objects in Donald Judd’s collection. The Foundation supports institutions and collectors in caring for Judd works through research and the sharing of information.

Index of Works

The Index of Works provides information to the works of art installed in Donald Judd’s living and working spaces in New York and Texas.

Local History

Local History highlights the visual and textual documentation contained within the Judd Foundation Archives.

Oral History Project

Judd Foundation’s Oral History Project expands upon the understanding of Donald Judd’s life through perspectives on his practice and the voices of the creative communities of which he was a part of in New York and Texas.

Press + Rights

Materials for members media with registration. Rights and reproduction requests for Donald Judd art and text.


The publication program of Judd Foundation develops texts for scholars, students, and those interested in the life and work of Donald Judd.