Donald Judd Library Launch

Judd Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the second version of the Donald Judd Library, a searchable online catalog of the artist’s central library in Marfa, Texas.

The Donald Judd Library provides digital access to the more than thirteen thousand volumes within Judd’s personal collection, reflecting the range of the artist’s interests in art, architecture, philosophy, literature, anthropology, natural history, and world history. While these publications are housed in multiple libraries in Texas, this resource focuses on those in the north and south libraries at La Mansana de Chinati/The Block.

The south library, Judd’s original library, contains volumes on pre-twentieth-century topics including classical art, architecture, history, and literature, and is organized by region and country of origin. The north library, formerly Judd’s print and drawing studio, focuses on twentieth-century topics from a range of disciplines including art, architecture, astronomy, anthropology, horticulture, literature, and philosophy. Organized by Judd, the art and architecture sections are arranged chronologically, from west to east, based on the birth date of the subject.

The Donald Judd Library highlights this deliberate categorization and the visual impact of Judd’s physical library while providing broad digital accessibility. Users are able to browse the library and locate publications through links to the WorldCat system, a catalog that itemizes the collections of institutions worldwide. It is intended to serve as an exploratory tool for Judd scholars across the world.

The library builds upon the data of the first version of this resource, launched in 2010, which was cataloged to OCLC bibliographic formats and standards. The new version combines improved functionality with greater visual interactivity, offering audiences a more complete understanding of Judd’s unique installation.

In addition to providing extensive materials related to Judd’s innovative and influential art practice, the Donald Judd Library illuminates the artist’s intersecting interests, in particular the relationship between his art and activism, the scope of his design and architectural activities, and the impact of his civic and economic engagement.

To celebrate the relaunch of the Donald Judd Library, Judd Foundation will present public programs in partnership with organizations in Marfa and New York this fall.


This digital preservation initiative was made possible through the generous support of the Carl & Marilynn Thoma Foundation. The Carl & Marilynn Thoma Foundation recognizes the power of the arts and education to challenge and shift perceptions, spark creativity, and connect people across cultures. The Foundation lends and exhibits artworks and provides grants to support pivotal initiatives in the arts and education. The Foundation is based in Chicago, Illinois and Santa Fe, New Mexico.