Trisha Brown: In Plain Site

Friday, May 1 and Saturday, May 2
101 Spring Street 
New York, NY

Judd Foundation presents Trisha Brown: In Plain Site, a performance series throughout Donald Judd’s New York home and studio at 101 Spring Street. The series introduces sound and movement into the spaces in two public performances on May 1 and May 2, 2015.

A selection of seminal dance pieces by Trisha Brown, a friend and collaborator of Judd, was chosen from her oeuvre of work and specially adapted for the space by Trisha Brown Company’s Associate Artistic Directors Carolyn Lucas and Diane Madde. The audience will travel through the building to view the performances, including: Accumulation (1971); Rogues (2011); Figure Eight (1974); Sticks IV (1973); and Andante, an excerpt from M.O. (1995).

The series builds upon the significance of Donald Judd’s collaborations and support of his contemporaries, and echoes SoHo’s artistic community of the 1970’s and 80’s. Judd designed the stage sets for two of Trisha Brown’s acclaimed works, Son of Gone Fishin’ (1981) and Newark (Niweweorce) (1987).

In 1987, Donald Judd wrote, “Art and architecture—all the arts—do not have to exist in isolation, as they do now. This fault is very much a key to the present society. Architecture is nearly gone, but it, art, all the arts, in facet all parts of society, have to be rejoined, and joined more than they have ever been.”

Trisha Brown recalls SoHo in her Judd Foundation Oral History Interview in 2007, “I came here in ’65 with an infant son. We were out on the street in SoHo, there weren’t parks down here, there weren’t markets. So my mind was racing with ideas, because I was in a highly charged learning process through this collective of dancers and their friends. It was empty, it was the Wild West here. My mind was just free-wheeling. And I had a rule…You have one year Trisha, I wrote it in my notebook. And if I hadn’t done it, I had to just get rid of it. I couldn’t go on saving it, hoarding it. And so I would find allies who would help me, and mount these pieces.”

“101 Spring Street has a long history of being a home to music and dance. We are thrilled that this collaboration with Trisha Brown Dance Company is able to continue that history of Spring Street being a unique space to experience the arts.” – Rainer Judd, Co-President, Judd Foundation

“Don and Trisha were friends, neighbors and collaborators for close to a quarter of a century. The proximity was not reserved for the geographic and they both contributed greatly to the American renaissance of the 1960’s-1970’s.” – Flavin Judd, Co-President, Judd Foundation

Learn more about Trisha Brown and Donald Judd in our online exhibition.

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Preview Benefit

Preview Reception
Wednesday, April 30

The series will be launched with a Preview Performance and Reception to benefit Judd Foundation hosted by Rainer Judd on Thursday April 30, 2015. A cocktail reception will be held on the ground floor beginning at 7:00pm, with timed performance throughout the evening. Tickets to the preview are $250 and can be reserved online.

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This program is supported by Cutler & Gross.