Open Hours & Evening Lights

Judd Foundation is pleased to announce Open Hours and Evening Lights in conjunction with Chinati Weekend, October 5-7, 2018. An opportunity to visit Donald Judd’s private living and working spaces in Marfa, TX, the visits are self-guided and free to the public.

Open Hours

La Mansana de Chinati/The Block
Saturday, October 6
400 West El Paso Street

Surrounded by an adobe wall one city block wide, the complex includes Donald Judd’s residence and three main studios, with permanent installations of his work dating from 1962 to 1979, along with his library of more than 13,000 volumes.


Art Studio
Saturday, October 6
124 West Oak Street

Donald Judd’s downtown studio space, the Art Studio includes material samples for fabrication and works.

Evening Lights

Architecture Studio, Art Studio, and Ranch Office
Thursday, October 4-Sunday, October 7


Evening lights will illuminate Donald Judd’s downtown studio spaces each evening from 8:00pm-12:00am, including the Architecture Studio, Art Studio, and Ranch Office.


Please visit our website to learn more about Judd Foundation in Marfa. For more information contact: or 432 729 4406 ext. 1.

Open Hours and Evening Lights have been made possible through the generous support of The Brown Foundation, Inc., and a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts. This project is made possible in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.