Support Marfa Restoration Plan

“The question of the past very much connects to belief and to understanding exactly what it is you know.” –Donald Judd, “Art and Architecture”

Judd Foundation’s Marfa Restoration Plan is a multi-year initiative to ensure its buildings remain, as Donald Judd intended, vital spaces for the direct engagement of his work. In support of the mission of Judd Foundation, the plan will focus on the protection and restoration of spaces; completion of Judd’s building architecture; expansion of collections and archive facilities; and public access to permanently installed spaces. The plan includes the Architecture Office, La Mansana de Chinati/The Block, the Print Building, the Archive Building, the Ranch Office, and Judd’s ranch houses.

Early in the morning of June 4, 2021, there was fire at the Architecture Office during the restoration of the two-story brick building. Built at the turn of the twentieth century and originally operated as a boarding house and grocery, the Architecture Office is a key example of Judd’s practice of repurposing existing buildings and restoring historic structures in New York and Texas.

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